Sparkle Sheffield is a registered charity that I founded in 2014. Along with my amazing volunteers, we have created something very special

We started the charity to support families with autistic children. Through our own experience (as we all have autistic children or are carers for an autistic person) We knew and understood that our children can be a challenging which can often led to a very isolating experience for parents and the child/children’s siblings. Particularly when combined with a lack of Autism Awareness in today’s society.

Our aim was to ensure that all autistic children are able to flourish by providing much needed support to families and empowering their parents, as we quickly discovered there is currently not a lot of support for children and families.  We also realised not a lot of people even knew what autism was! So we started to think of out of the box ideas to raise awareness of Autism to bring a better understanding to our community and society. 

During lockdown we have been delivering zoom sessions to our families and their children. They have and continue to throughly enjoying it! We decided we wanted to fly around the world and visit different countries, to join in with their activities via zoom. We have zoomed to Seattle in the USA for yoga classes and then zoomed across to Coral world to visit the sea lions, dolphins and sea turtles in St Thomas in the Caribbean. We have even seen a puppet show in California! it has been an incredible experience!

We have also been extremely lucky to have celebrities reading bedtime stories to our children. See if you can name them all in the video below! Our autistic children were so inspired by the celebrities reading to them that they decided they wanted to read a story to their parents and siblings too and they did an amazing job! you  can also see them in the video  #sparkleusabedtime

We were so grateful and blessed to have received funding from Children in Need.  We would all like to thank every person who takes the time to donate money to CIN every year. Without you lots of charities would not be able to survive! You are truly making a difference.