As a mother of three Autistic Children, one of my worse fears at the moment is the thought of my children catching the Coronavirus. I am especially petrified for my autistic Son.  He presents himself as a selected mute. He isn’t, he just has a fear of talking. He is 16 years old but is at pre-school age in terms of the way he presents himself and that’s my fear for him.  That he will not be able to be treated in the hospital because they won’t understand his needs. How will the hospital staff know what his triggers are? Or what he is able to do and what he can’t do? e.g He will not have a Cannula in his hand or anywhere else on his body. So how will they explain to him he needs fluids so he doesn’t become dehydrated because he won’t feel like eating.  Who will explain to him that the medical staff aren’t trying to hurt him,they are trying to help him. How will they know to get him to take medicine you have to sing a special song for him to drink it? How will they understand him? 

There is now a Universal Alert to help people with Hidden Disabilities in an emergency situation. 

The Universal Alert is a free and safe way to support a vulnerable person when they need it the most. This system gives you all the unknown information that only that Disabled person or their Parent or Carer would know. For example that my Son does not like Cannula’s and that he jumps up and down when he is anxious. All the really important things you would like people to know in an emergency situation. So your extra special person can get the help they need as soon as possible. So they will feel at ease with the service provider that is trying to help them. 

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